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• 1/13/2019

Can I add a page for profanity?

Profanity seems to be a recurring theme, so can I add a page for it?

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• 3/28/2018

My Immortal Written in Proper English

I decided to convert My Immortal into proper English. The first 22 chapters are done as of today. I'll do the second half soon along with I'm Not Okay and the story that Tara and Raven worked on together.
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• 5/22/2017

Teh Web Series.

In a month or so I will return to fully edit the Web Series page and create new pages for each character in the web series. There is lots of work to do and for anyone who has watched the series please help me contribute. Fangz.
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• 4/7/2017

Troll or Not?

So what do u guys think abt the troll/not troll contreversy?? i personally dont think she was a troll but i can see the other side of the argument too
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• 12/1/2016
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