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This article contains several sensitive topics on sexuality.

Abkhazian is the wizarding prison, apparently based on Azkaban Prison.

It is apparently quite easy to leave Abkhazian, as Britney was easily able to free several prisoners, and Dumblydore was released after less than a day.

Abkhazian Prison is located on a remote location of Abkhazia hidden and protected by charms.


  • Proffesor Sinister, for being "too gottik". She reappears without explanation three chapters later.
  • Snap, after being tortured by Serious Blak, because he "trid 2 rap dem." Britney later breaks him out.
  • Loopin, after being tortured by Serious Blak, because (with Snap) "dey r pedoz." Britney also breaks him out.
  • Dumblydore, because "he is old and week he has kancer". He leaves the prison apparently on the same day and returns to Hogwarts to teach.
  • Hargrid, apparently for his attempt to slip Ebony an "Amnesia Portion" in her cup of blood; he is also released by Britney.


  • Abkhazia is a disputed territory located in the Caucasus northwestern Georgia, bordering Russia to the North and the Black Sea to the West; it lies to the northwest of Azerbaijan, another country in the Caucasia.