Bloody Gothic Rose 666 in rehearsal.

Ebonys first album.

Bloody Gothic Rose 666, also called Blody Gothik Rose 666, is Ebony's goffik band that sounds like a pentagram (geddit) between "GC, Slipknot and MCR". Ebony is the lead singer, and also plays the guitar. Hargrid, B'loody Mary, Ebony, Draco, Vampire, and Diabolo are all members of the band.

Role in the story[edit | edit source]

The band first appears in Chapter 10, when all the members except Vampire and Draco get together to rehearse.

The band is only mentioned once more, in Chapter 35, when Ebony tells the members of XBlakXTearX that she is the lead singer of Bloody Gothic Rose 666.

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