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Bloody Gothic Rose 666 in rehearsal.

Ebonys first album.

Bloody Gothic Rose 666, also called Blody Gothik Rose 666, is Ebony's goffik band that sounds like a pentagram (geddit) between "GC, Slipknot and MCR". Ebony is the lead singer, and also plays the guitar. Hargrid, B'loody Mary, Ebony, Draco, Vampire, and Diabolo are all members of the band.

Role in the story[]

The band first appears in Chapter 10, when all the members except Vampire and Draco get together to rehearse and write songs. Vampire only met Ebony that same day, however, yet is somehow a member of the band. Their practice is first interrupted by Draco yelling at Ebony for not telling him that Voldemort threatened to kill him if she didn't call Vampire, then later, Dumbledore informing them that Draco has committed suicide by slitting his wrists.

The band is only mentioned once more, in Chapter 35, when Ebony tells the members of XBlakXTearX that she is the lead singer of Bloody Gothic Rose 666.


Ebony describes her band as "gothic metal". In the real world this is a nebulous term which can refer to several distinct but related musical styles, including metal bands with heavy goth-rock influence (e.g. Paradise Lost), goth rock bands with extensive use of metal-like musical styling (The 69 Eyes) or dark-themed metal bands using gothic aesthetics and lyrical themes (Type O Negative).

In Tara's world, the term "gothic metal" can apparently be used to describe a band that sounds like a "pentagram" between My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte and Slipknot. How a band that sounds like a mixture of two pop-punk bands and a nu-metal band (a bastardized blend which would sound utterly atrocious by anyone's standards) fits into any of the above categories is anybody's guess. It is possible that Tara has invented a new genre altogether for the term to fit into.

There are apparently seven people in the band. Ebony both sings and plays guitar. Given the standard rock/metal band set-up (one vocalist, one or two guitarists, one bassist, one drummer and occasionally a keyboardist, with possible overlap between vocalist and instrumentalist), this would leave at least two (and possibly as many as four) members with no obvious role to play in the band, so presumably they are playing additional instruments such as samplers and improvised percussion in the Slipknot mould, adding further to the cacophony of this horrible new genre.