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Chapter Eight is the eighth chapter in My Immortal, and the one that reveals the love triangle between Ebony, Draco and Vampire. It is also the chapter which introduces B'loody Mary Smith, the canon rape of Hermione Granger.


Ebony has barged into Professor Snape's classroom, yelling at Vampire for what she perceives to be cheating on her with Draco. To the horror of all in the class, Draco appears, fully nude, and begging Ebony to take him back. Hermione, who now goes by the name B'loody Mary, smiles at Ebony, apparently understanding why she's so upset.

Professor Snape asks Ebony, “What is it that you desire, you ridiculous dimwit!” However, despite his status as professor, Ebony ignores him and continues her tirade against Vampire. Both Draco and Vampire try to explain that they had once been together, but had broken up, partially because Vampire had gone out with a prep named Britney. Ebony is not convinced, and flees from the class into the Forbidden Forest.

Author's note[]

AN: stop flassing ok! if u do den u r a prep!

Inconsistencies and Deviances from Canon []

  • Hermione Granger was not kidnapped from her parents, who were also muggles. They were not vampires in the Harry Potter canon nor was her mother a witch. Hermione was also never moved to Slytherin nor was a Satanist, in fact it's never stated whether or not she is religious at all in the novels.
  • Though Snape would retort in such a manner, he would not be shut up by a student.
  • Ebony accuses Vampire of cheating on her with Draco. However, Vampire was not dating her at the time, so even if adultery were being committed, it would be Draco who was cheating with Vampire, not the other way round.
  • Harry Potter has never shown any evidence of being bisexual in the books, and even if he were, he wouldn't have dated Malfoy, because they hate each other. (For that matter, despite Draco claiming Ebony is bi like him, she never shows any interest in women, only men.)

Notable Quotes[]

  • Hermione was kidnapped when she was born. Her real parents are vampires and one of them is a witch but Voldemort killed her mother and her father committed suicide because he was depressed about it. She still has nightmares about it and she is very haunted and depressed. It also turns out her real last name is Smith and not Granger. (Since she has converted to Satanism she is in Slytherin now not Griffindoor. )
  • “What is it that you desire, you ridiculous dimwit!” Snape demeaned angrily in his cold voice but I ignored him.
  • I ran out of the room and into the Forbidden Forest where I had lost my virility to Draco and then I started to bust into tears.