Chapter Forty One is the forty-first Chapter in My Immortal.

Plot Edit

Ebony wakes up after attempting to commit suicide in the past version of the Norse's office, wearing the outfit she'd had on when she performed with xBlakxTearx. Satan (who is actually Voldemort for "photo reference"), comes and gets Ebony and takes her outside, as Ebony for some reason does not inform anybody of Snap's secret status as a Death Deeler.

She spots a hot bi gothic guy, who Satan explains is his ex-boyfriend Hedwig. He had previously been in the band, but left because he broken his arm. Ebony decides to get them back together to fulfill the prophecy.

She takes the two them to the Grate Hall where she tells them to start making out. Voldemort and Hedwig begin to make out sexily and later take off their cloves while she films it, effectively inserting yet another sex tape into the plot. Lucian, James and Surious watch "koz dey were prolly bi". But then, Dumbeldorr and Mr. Norris walk in on the scene.

Author's NoteEdit

AN: 2 every1 hu kepz flaming diz GIT S LIF!!!!! I bet u proly odnt no hu gerod way is ur proly al prepz and pozers!!!!!!!!11111 neway sum1 hakked in2 mi akkount in November and dey put up my last chaptah but now der is a new 1. im surry 4 nut updating g 4 a while but ive been rilly bizzy. im trying 2 finish da story b4 da new movie kumz out. Im gong on vacation 4 a mons I wont be bak until abott 2 weeks. OMFG drako iz so hot in all da pix 4 da new movie!!!111 I wunted dem 2 put a kameo by geord way lol he hsud play drako. if u flame ill slit muh risztz!!!!!!!!11 raven u rok gurl hav fun in ingland.

Notable Quotes Edit

  • “OMFG!!! Im back in Tim again!!!!111” I screamed loudly.
  • "Cum on now lets go c how Hairy’s dad is doing.” - Satan
  • I walked seduktivly outside with Satan. Suddeni I saw a totally sexi goffik bi guy!!!!!11
  • He [Hedwig] was humming Welcum 2 da Blak Prade under his breth( I no dat is not 80s but pretend it is ok!!)
  • “Go fuk urself you fukking douche!” he shouted at him. “Drako is never gong 2 b frends with vampire now!!1”
  • We watched as tdey started 2 take each odderz cloves off sexily. Samaro, Serious, Snake and Lucian all watched koz dey wer prolly bi.
  • “Oh my fukking god!!!! Voldimort! Voldimort!” screamed Hedwig as his glock touched Voldemort’s.
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