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Chapter Forty Three is the forty-third and penultimate chapter of My Immortal. The end is finally near, folks.


Ebony enters the Grate Hall for the third time, finding Draco who has just slit his wrists. Ebony asks Draco why he was having sex with Snape, but before he can answer, Loopin and Mr. Norris apperate into the room, unaware of the two. Ebony casts a "Pop Addelum" spell, causing Loopin to be chained up. Mr. Norris runs away.

Enoby questions Loopin on Voldimort's whereabouts when Satan and Vampire run into the room. Ebony sexily takes the "caramel" from her pocket and begins frenching Draco sexily. They take off their clothes as Loopin gasps. Vampire and Satan join in and an orgy commences. They take turns doing torture curses on Loopin.

Suddenly, a black car driven by Snap crashes through the window.

Author's Notes[]

I fink after dis I wil hav abott 2 or three mor chapterz. Fangz 2 all muh revyooers not das flamers if u flamed sis story den u suk!!!!!!!!!111111 if u flam den fukk u!!!111

Notable Quotes[]

  • He sat der in deddly bloom in his blak 666 t-shirt and his baggy blak pants.
  • “Im so glad we me and Snape were freed.” said Loopin.
  • “Pop addelum!!!!!111” I yielded angrily pointing my wand at them.
  • Every1 took their glocks out except 4 me im a girl lol.
  • “Oh mi satan!! Draco!!!!” I screamed as he put his hardness in my thingy Den he did da same fing to Harry. I began making out wiv Satan and he joined in. “OMS!!!111” cried Vampire. “Oh Vampire! Vampire!!!” I screamed screamed. “Oh Satan!!!!!” yelled Harry in pleasore.