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Chapter Nineteen, or "im nut ok i promise", is the nineteenth chapter of My Immortal.


Ebony and her friends are very angry at Dumblydore's poser behaviour, but Ebony is excited for the upcoming MCR concert that was postponed due to Vlodemort's intrusion. She cuts classes and hangs out with Draco in the common room. He rants about how nobody understands him. Ebony gets angry with him, because he has not considered how nobody understands her, or perhaps that she might understand him.

She calls him a bastard, then locks herself in the bathroom. There, she smokes marijuana and cries. Hargrid and Dumblydore "appearated" into the room with her to ask what they should wear to the MCR concert, and Dumblydore adds on that Draco has a surprise for her.

Author's Notes[]

AN: plz stup flaming da story if u do ur a foken prep n ur jelous ok!11 frum noq un im gong 2 delt ur men reviowz!111 BTW evonyd a poorblod so der!1 fangz 2 raven 4m da help!11

Deviations and Contradictions to Canon[]

  • It is impossible to apparate on school grounds, unless an exception is made by an official apparition instructor.

Notable Quotes[]

  • Well, I had one thing to look forward too- da MCR concert. It had been postphoned, so we could all go.
  • ...his black hare went in his big blue eyes like Billie Joe in Boulevard of Borken Dreamz.
  • I whipped and whepped as my blody eyeliner streammed down my cheeks and made cool tears down my feces like Benji in the video for Girls and Bois (raven that is soo our video!).
  • “Anyway Draco has a surprise for u.” - Dumblydore


  • It is one of the few chapters of My Immortal that has a title.