Chapter One is the first chapter of My Immortal, and serves primarily to introduce our main character and her relationship with Draco Malfoy.

Author's note Edit

"Special fangz (get it, coz Im goffik) 2 my gf (ew not in that way) Raven, bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da story and spelling. U rok! Justin ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2! MCR ROX!"


Enoby introduces herself to the reader, starting the very first long description of what a character is wearing. We find her on both a snowy and rainy day at Hogwarts, where a lot of preps stare at her; she responds by flipping them the middle finger.

Draco then appears, attempting to begin a conversation with Ebony but, because of his shyness and Ebony's friends calling her away, he is unable to continue anything.

Inconsistencies and Divergences from Canon Edit

  • Hogwarts is a magical school in Scotland, not England.
  • While Ebony claims her teeth are straight, according to the Harry Potter canon, all vampires in fact have sharp fangs.[1]
  • The events of the Harry Potter series are set in the 1990's, yet given the references in the opening paragraph to "Amy Lee", "Gerard Way", and "Hot Topic", it soon becomes obvious My Immortal takes place in the 2000's.
  • Given Draco's canon personality of being arrogant and fixated on his aristocratic heritage, he would be unlikely to talk to a girl he likes "shyly".[2] Furthermore, since he and his family supported Voldemort's ideology, which is why he would consider other types of beings (including vampires) as inferior to wizards.[3]

Notable Quotes Edit

  • (...) a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!
  • I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie.
  • “Hey Ebony!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…. Draco Malfoy!
  • AN: IS it good? PLZ tell me fangz!

References Edit

  2. “Nothing.” he said shyly.
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