Chapter Thirteen is the thirteenth chapter in My Immortal.

Once again, Raven helps Tara write the chapter; however, we still get hints of the impending poster-sweater war.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Ebony and Vampire run upstairs to get Dumblydore to obtain his help in saving Draco. Surprisingly, Dumblydore laughs in their faces and refuses to help them get him back, citing all the trouble he has caused, and also stating, "...I never liked him that much anyway". As Vampire begins to lose hope, he has an idea. He casts a spell that transports him and Ebony to Voldemort's lair. A voice croons, "Allah Kedavra", and the chapter ends.

Author's Notes[edit | edit source]

AN: raven fangz 4 gelpin me agen im sory ah tok ur postr of gerard but dat guy is such a fokin sexbom! PREPZ STOP FLAMIGNG!

Inconsistencies and Deviations from Canon[edit | edit source]

  • Even when Draco was actively trying to kill Dumbledore, he still tried to reach the young man, to change and help shelter him.
  • Areas where Voldemort lurked were heavily protected by hexes, curses, potions and charms. A simple teleportation (which at that age, would be a new form of transport for a seventh year, plus the magical prohibition of teleporting on and off Hogwarts grounds) wouldn't be able to penetrate the defenses.

Notable Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "What is it that you want now you despicable snobs?" he asked angrily. - Dumblydore
  • "I don't give a darn what Voldemort does to Draco. Not after how much he misbehaved in school especially with YOU Ebony." he said while he frowned looking at me. "Besides I never liked him that much anyway." - Dumblydore
  • Vampire started crying. “My Draco!” he moaned. (AN: don’t u fik gay guyz r lik so hot!)
  • “Its okay!” I tried to tell him but that didn’t stop him. He started to cry tears of blood. Then he had a brainstorm. “I had an idea!” he exclaimed.
  • "Allah Kedavra" It was... Voldemort!
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