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Chapter Thirty is the thirtieth chapter in My Immortal, and is notable for being rife with conflict.


Snap begins "loafing" meanly and "anvilly" takes out a "kamera".  Once again, Snap's interest is focused entirely on Draco.  Snap takes some stones from his pocket and puts them around Draco, then "nit" a candle.  Then Snap "polled" down his pants, revealing the "dork mark" on his penis.  Snap then waves a wand, and a knife appears.  He tells Ebony to stab Vampire; if she refuses, he will rape Draco. 

Ebony is lost in thoughts of how sexy Draco and Vampire are.  Meanwhile, Snap prays to Voldemort.  Snap then begins to dance around the stones while whipping Vampire and Draco. Snap then takes Draco's clothes off and gets ready to rape. Ebony uses her "vampire powers" to telepathically send a message to Draco and Vampire. The two start threatening SNape in order to distract him. Ebony casts a Crucio spell at him, and he begins running around screaming.  While still shooting the Crucio spell, Ebony sends a text message to Serious Blak.

Serverus (likely meant to be Serious, despite being called "Sev" by Snap) enters the room with Trevolry and Lucian.  Snap hides the whip behind his back and pretends that nothing is out of the ordinary. However, Serious chains Snap up and Trevolry tells Ebony to leave the room. 

Author's Note[]

Tara, in her introductory note, gives her poignant opinion on "alzhimers":

AN: stop flaming da story ok u dnot no wutz even gona happen ok!1111 so FUL U!111 if u flam u wil be a prep so al flamerz kan kiss muh ass!111 soz 4 soz 4 sayin alzhimers is dongerous but datz da mysteries opinin koz sosiety basically sux. fangz 2 raven u rok bich!111

Deviations and Contradictions to Canon[]

  • Severus Snape isn't a rapist nor is the Dark Mark on his genitals.
  • While vampires in canon are given little focus, it's never implied they have telepathic powers or any unique magic powers unavailable to witches and wizards. The ability to communicate telepathically does not appear to exist in canon, the closest being Legilimency, however that is closer to mind-reading.

Notable Quotes[]

  • Snap stated loafing meanly. He took out a kamera anvilly.
  • He polled down his pants.
  • “U must stab Vrompire.” he said to me. “If u don’t then I’ll rap Draco!1”
  • He started to do an incapacitation dancing around the stokes whipping Draco and Vampire.
  • “You dunderhed!111 Im going to kill-” shooted Snape but suddenly Serverus came.