Chapter Thirty Three is the thirty-third chapter of My Immortal.


An unidentified speaker, almost certainly Proffesor Sinister, refuses to go to St Manga's for assistance to overcome her Volxemortserum addiction, and instead asks Egogy to "go bak in tim" and ask Tom Andorson for help.

Before going, Enoby has a chat with Draco who is wearing something that's either a "tshit" or some panama hats (the only time in this story that the clothing descriptions aren't detailed enough!). He takes her to see Serious punishing Snipe and Lumpkin, "pokering" them by "staging" them with a black knife.

Then Enoby and Draco go back to her room. She changes her "drity cloves" for a clean "blak leather outfit fingie", which immediately gets taken off again as Draco and TaEbory make out again, have sex again, and fall asleep.

Author's NoteEdit

AN: I sed shut up itz nut my folt ok if u don’t lik da story den ur a prep so fuk u flamerz!1111 ps im nut updating ubtil u giv me fiv god reviewz nd diz tim I men it!111111 U SUK!1111 fangz raven 4 di help il promiz to help u wif ur story lolz1 [1]

Notable Quotes [2] Edit

  • “Lizzen Egogy, I need ur help. Nex tim u go bak in tim, do u fink u kod ask Tom Andorson 4 sum help?”
  • “Not 2 far, lol.” I borked.
  • Lumpkin bagged as Serious started 2 suk his blood. I laffed statistically. I tok some photons of him and Snap bing torqued.
  • He pot his wetnes in my u-know-what sexily. I gut an orgy.
  • “Oh Draco!111111!1 Oh mi fuking gud Draco!1111” I screemed passively as he got an eructation.

References Edit

  1. (Let's hope Raven had enough sense to say "no" to Tara helping her.)
  2. We could probably just stick the entire chapter in this section, really.