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Chapter Twenty Eight is the twenty-eigth chapter in My Immortal.


Ebony, Draco, and Vampire sneak into a black room that contains portraits of MCR, GC, and Marilyn Manson. There are also chairs made of bones in this room.

They sit down in the chairs, with Vampire "potting his albastard hand on" Ebony's hand, and Draco also sexily putting his hand on hers.  Ebony begins to tell Draco and Vampire that she has to go back in Tim and seduce Voldemort.  She assures Draco that she will not "brake up" with him. 

Draco and Ebony then french and begin to have sex (again), this time in a coffin. Vampire consensually films them with a "vido" camera.

The three are then caught by Snope and Profesor McGoggle, who come in and yell "WHAT THE FUCK R U DOING!".

Author's Notes[]

AN: I sed stop gflmaing da story it wuz a miskat wen profsor relory sed dat ok!11111111 GO 2 FOKENG HELL!1111 U SUK! fangz 2 fily 4 da help!1! raven hav fun wif kiwi!1111111 [1]

Deviations and Contradictions from Canon[]

  • There are no rooms in Hogwarts described as such, unless it's the Room of Requirement changing form to suit the gothic trio.
  • Again, electronic items such as video cameras do not work at Hogwarts, so it should be impossible for Vampire to film anything at Hogwarts. While there are certainly wizarding photographic cameras, that can take pictures where the people in them can be seen moving, there don't appear to be magical video cameras for recording movies with audio.

Notable Quotes[]

  • He was hung lik a stallone.
  • He had replaced the Vampire tattoo that said Enoby on it.
  • I sat down one of da chairs dispersedly.
  • “Are you okay?” Vampir asked potting his albastard hand on mine.
  • He put his spock in my you-know-what and passively we did it.


  1. What Raven was doing with a kiwi is anybody's guess.