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Chapter Twenty Nine is the twenty-ninth chapter of My Immortal.


Snap and McGoogle begin to shoot angrily at the three students as they leave the room while simultaneously putting on their clothes. Snap then "garbed the caramel" from Vampire. Draco tells Snap that Dumblydore will send Snap back to St. Mango's if he does not return the camera. Snap points out that the Mystery of Magic thinks that Dumblydore is crazy and nobody will believe them. 

McGoogle then calls the three students "inlosent fools" and takes them into a "werid" room with white stones in it. Draco starts crying again, and  Ebony begins crying tears of blood as well, and Vampire wipes her eyes with a honkerchief. Then suddenly, Snap and Vampire take out guns (using magic?) and begin shooting at one another. They both have terrible aim, and do not hit each other once. Both run out of bullets. 

Ebony then takes out her wand and shoots a "Crosio" spell at Snap. Then McGoogle magically chains up the three students, then retrives some tools. She then abruptly announces her departure to Snap. He begins to laugh as he takes out some whips.  

Author's Notes[]

AN: sot das fok up!11 ur jus jelouz koz ur prepz so fok u!1111 raven u rok gurl fangz 4 da help MCR ROX 666!111111111111

Deviations and Contradictions from Canon[]

  • Again, there are no rooms described as such, and no explained reason why so many wizards have firearms.
  • Tara again appears to have confused St. Mungo's, a wizarding hospital, and Azkaban, a wizarding prison.
  • Ebony faces no consequences for using the Cruciatus curse on a teacher, despite being one of the Unforgivable Curses, the usage of which is illegal on humans.

Notable Quotes[]

  • “Oh my satan!1” we screamed as we jamped out of da coffin.
  • “CUM NOW!1!” Preacher McGongel yielded.
  • Snoop garbed the caramel and put it in his pocket.
  • Draco started to cry all sexy and sexitive (geddit koz hes a sexbom lol tom felnot rulez 4 lif but nut as muxh as gerard ur sex on legz I luv u u fokeng rok mary me!111).
  • Non of the ballots gut on eachodder yet.
  • Both of them had run out of ballets.