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Chapter Twenty Seven, or "vampirz wil never hurt u", is the twenty-seventh chapter of My Immortal, where the first indication of travelling through time takes place.


Everyone in the room "stated to cry happly". Draco, Lucian, Serious and Vampire all get up and hug Ebony - despite Lucian and Serious being confined to stretchers only moments earlier.

Professor Sinister (or here, "Proffesor Sinatra") then interrupts by telling Ebony to come with her, because Sinister has to explain the "fucking perdition". The two of them go into a dark room with some black cards. Then Sinister takes out a black "crucible ball" and peers into it.

Sinister tells Ebony (here, called "Tara") that "drak times" are near, as she pulls out a time-turner. She explains that when Voldemint was a Hogwarts student before gaining power, he "gut his hearth borken", and that this sparked his descent into villainy. Acting on this info, Sinister says that Ebony must go back in time and "sedouce" Voldemort in order to prevent him from becoming evil. Sinister tells Ebony to come to Sinister's room the next day to do it. The two then do the "dethz tuch sin" and Ebony returns outside.

A celebration is taking place for Lucius and Serious, so Ebony keeps the plan to seduce Voldemort a secret. There is a red and black cake and a banner put out. Guests at the party include reporters who want to interview Dumbledore; Mr. Noris; some fucking Prepz; and Crabbe and Goyke, who bring out fireworks in the shape of skulls which they purchased from Wesley's Whizard Wises. People are "cheesing" Ebony's name.

Then Ebony takes out her invisibility coke, and she slips away unnoticed with Vampire and Draco.

Author's Note[]

u no wut!111 I dnot giv a fok wut u prepz fink abot me!1111 so stup flaming da foking story bichez!1111 fangz 2 raven 4 ur luv n sport n help i luv u gurl soz i kodnt update lol I wuz rly deprezzd n I silt muh rists I had 2 go 2 da hospital rraven u rok gurl!11111111111111111111

Deviations and Contradictions from Canon[]

  • Though a young Tom Riddle had endured a lot of pain in his youth, none of his rise to power had anything to do with a borken hearth, indeed, there is no indication that Voldemort was even in possession of a mantle.
    • While it is obvious that canon Voldemort had some serious unresolved emotional issues, there is no indication at all that falling in love would have swayed his ambitions for domination, or that he had any romantic relationships during his time as a student that could have gone sour.
  • Crabbe and Goyle appear to have been confused for Fred and George Weasley, due to an earlier chapter referring to them as Ron/Diabolo and Ginny/Darkness' siblings and them having merchandise from 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes', the joke shop the twins open after they leave school. In canon it is unlikely either Crab or Goyle would ever purchase anything from a shop owned by the Weasley twins, having never been on good terms with any of the Weasley clan.

Notable Quotes[]

  • Every1 in the room stated to cry happly- I had saved them. Drako, Lucian, Serious bond Vampire all came to hug me. 
  • “Cum on Enoby.” said Proffesor Sinatra
  • Crabbe and Goyke set up some fireworx in the shape of skulls from Wesley’s Whizard Wises.
  • I smelled happily and went into a dark room.
  • “When Voldemint was in Hogwarts before he became powerful he gut his hearth borken.


  • It is one of the few chapters of My Immortal that bears a title.