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This article mentions several sensitive topics, including sexuality.

Crab Weasley and Goyle Weasley, also called Crabbe and Goyke, are friends of Ebony's and Dracos who randomly show up in several scenes. Their names are seemingly taken from Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, Draco's henchmen from the books, but their traits and behavior in the story suggests they are meant to be Fred and George. They are described as looking exactly like Ville Vollo, which further implies they are supposed to be Fred and George.[1]


In My Immortal, Crab and Goyle are members of the Weasley family. Darkness, Diabolo, Crab and Goyle all have the same father. Their father was a vampire who raped them, so they all became gothic and converted to "Stanism".

Role in the story[]

The duo first appear in Chapter 22, where it is mentioned that both appear to enjoy crossdressing, as it was mentioned they wore the same clothing their sister Jenny Darkness was wearing - a black dress.

They reappear in Chapter 23, making some morbid jokes during breakfast. Their final appearance is in Chapter 27, where they set up a fireworks display obtained from "Wesley's Whizard Wises", to celebrate the successful rescue of Lucian Malfoy and Serious Blak.

Differences from the original[]


Like in the Harry Potter series, Crab and Goyle are both Draco's friends and fellow Slytherins. However, in My Immortal they are also part of the same "goffic" clique as Draco. They have been relegated from his two main henchmen to background characters, as well.

They are a part of the Weasley family and siblings of Darkness and Diabolo. Whereas they had little background in Rowling's books, Tara Gilesbie gave the four siblings a tragic backstory involving parental abuse, suicide and becoming gothic.

It appears that Tara Gilesbie may have mixed up Crabbe and Goyle with the characters Fred and George Weasley from the books, as evidenced by Crab and Goyle performing actions that are more indicative to the behavior of the Weasley twins, such as setting up the fireworks.