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Da Death Deelers are the followers of Voldemort. The group primarily consisted of wizards and witches who were radical prep and poser supremacists, who used the Dark Arts with reckless abandon and without regard to or fear of wizarding law. They are based on the Death Eaters from Harry Potter.


As Voldemort is described as being a prep, despite wearing black clothing, it can be assumed that all the other Death Deelers are also of that affiliation. Chapter Thirty suggests that like their canon counterparts, they have "Dork Marks", albeit located on their genitals (Snape is the only one who this is confirmed to be true for, however).

Known Members[]

  • Voldemort: Leader and founder. He is obsessed with making Ebony kill Vampire, with a gun. Despite having gotten the chance to kill Vampire multiple times, he never takes it and always sticks to his first plan. He also doesn't realize that in this story, Ebony is the one chosen to defeat him, not Vampire, making his vendetta with Vampire all the weirder.
  • Snap and Loopin: Two of the higher ranked members. Their plan is to film Ebony taking a bath and use said tape to blackmail her into killing Vampire. If she refuses, they'll spread the tape throughout the school.
  • Snaketail: Voldemort's personal assistant. Fell in love with Ebony at first sight, but was killed by her.

Possible members[]

  • Professor McGoogle: Based on the fact that she helps Snap trap Ebony, Vampire and Draco. She chains the three goffs up using a spell, watches Draco and Snap have a gunfight, and then leaves. It's possible that Snap was possessing her, as he possessed both himself and James "Samoro" Potter during their concert in the past. She's never punished for her behavior, and Ebony doesn't seem angry at her, being more interested in punishing Snap and Loopin.
  • The Black Guy: This mysterious man attempted to kill Serious Blak and Lucian Malfoy. Despite not explicitly named as such, it is likely this man is a Death Deeler as well, based on the facts that he tried to kill two of the goffik "good guys" and that Ebony's visions, in one of which this character appeared, usually only pertain to Voldemort and his evil plans.
  • Mr. Norris: Typically portrayed as antagonistic, Mr. Norris has had one friendly encounter with known Death Deeler Loopin near the end of the story, appearating into the Grate Hall alongside him, and mentioning his hatred for Hogwarts students to him.
  • Britney: Freed two of the Death Deelers, Snap and Loopin, from Azerbaijan. She also told Ebony that Voldemort would definitely kill her.