Cirque Du Freak's book, The Vampire Prince, the origin of dethz tuch sin

The dethz tuch sin is a gothic gesture first mentioned in Chapter 27, when Ebony and Profesor Sinister give it to each other sadly after they find out that she has to 'sedouce' Volxemor. The second time, Darkness and Willow give it to Ebony before she jumps sexily into the Pensive in Chapter 31. The third time, in Chapter 35, she performs it in greeting of the bastards in XBlakXTearX.

Meaning and how to give one[edit | edit source]

For all you posers and prepz out there, Tara means to say that Ebony gives them the Death's Touch Sign, a hand gesture originating from the The Saga of Darren Shan book series, meant to display respect towards a vampire that is likely to be killed, and is a totally normal, goffik thing to do. Tara appears to misinterpret the gesture from a sign of melancholic destiny to a cliquish hello-and-goodbye.

Now that you know what the hell the dethz tuch sin is supposed to mean, how do you perform it?

  1. Place the middle finger of your right hand in the middle of your forehead.
  2. Put your ring finger and index finger on the left eye and right eye, respectively
  3. Stretch your thumb and pinky finger out to the side.

Congratulations, you are now a poser.

I'm not Okay[edit | edit source]

In Raven's own story "I'm Not Okay", the character of Darren Shan actually appears as a Slytherin student (he is basically another goth), who makes a special request for blood during breakfast. The Mary Sue protagonist 'Eternity Dementia Johnson' drinks some of it and loves it, and thus does death's touch sign. Raven refuses to explain the sign to the readers, suggesting if they don't know what it is, to fuck off to a Britney Spears concert.

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