In My Immortal, Ebony (and other characters) wear a large variety of clothing considered "gothic" as defined by Tara Gilesbie. These garments consist of mostly black and leather items, or black baggy t-shirts for boys. Sometimes, characters will have changed outfits even when there is no opportunity for them to have done so, or in specifically Ebony's case, her outfits change when she travels between the past and present. Most of her wardrobe seems to have come from Hot Topic, but several items of clothing came from Tom Rid's store.

Ebony's ClothesEdit

Gothic Clothing ItemsEdit

  1. Black corset with matching lace
  2. Black leather mini-skirt
  3. Pink fishnets
  4. Black combat boots
  5. Giant MCR T-shirt (For pajamas)
  6. Black leather dress
  7. Pentagram necklace
  8. Combat boots (may be the same as 4)
  9. Black fishnets
  10. Four pairs of earrings
  11. Black lace-up boots with high heels
  12. Red ripped fishnets
  13. Black leather minidress with 'corset stuff'
  14. Matching fishnets on arms
  15. Low-cut black floor length dress with red lace
  16. Black high heels
  17. Black miniskirt, ripped around the end
  18. Matching top with red skulls
  19. Two - six pairs of skull earrings
  20. Two crosses for her ears
  21. Black leather top that shows her boobs
  22. Tiny matching miniskirt with 'Simple Plan' on the butt
  23. Black low-cut dress with lace all over it
  24. Black high heels with pink metal stuff on the ends
  25. Black towel with picture of Marilyn Manson on it
  26. Black leather minidress that is all ripped on the ends with lace on it, and corset stuff on the front
  27. Black fishnets (same as 9?)
  28. Black high heels with pictures of Billie Joe Armstrong on them
  29. Short ripped black leather dress that says 'anarchy' on the front in blood red letters, all ripped with a spiky belt
  30. Ripped black fishnets (9 or 27? Both?)
  31. Boots that say 'Joel' on them in blood red letters
  32. Black leather minidress
  33. Black leather platinum boots
  34. Red ripped fishnets
  35. Long black dress with lots of red 'tulle' coming out. It is very low-cut with a huge slit
  36. Black really low-cut leather dress that is all ripped and in stripes, exposing the navel
  37. Skull belly ring with black and red diamonds in it
  38. Black leather low cut top with chains all over it
  39. Black leather mini
  40. Black high heeled boots
  41. Cross belly ring/thing
  42. Black leather mini
  43. Black corset with purple lace stuff all over it
  44. Black gothic combat boots.
  45. Black leather lacey pajamas
  46. Black corset 'bar' (bra?) with purple stuff on it
  47. Fishnet stockings (unknown color)
  48. Black leather thong
  49. Sexy tight 'low-smut' black leather dress, with red corset stuff and a silt up the leg
  50. Black fishnets
  51. Black pointy boots
  52. Black leather outfit like 'Suelene' wears in Undreworld
  53. Black platform high heels
  54. Black tight sexy dress, ripped at the end, with red corset stuff up the front and the black. It came up to Ebony's knees, and has a slit 'lik in Mr. and Mr. Simth.
  55. Ripped black fishnets
  56. Black 'stilton' (Stiletto?) boots, or 'bo-ots'
  57. Gothic black leather miniskirt that said '666' on the back
  58. Black stilton boots (Not the same as 56, as these are from Tom Rid)
  59. Blood red fishnets
  60. Black corset
  61. Black leather nightgun (nightgown?)
  62. Black leather bra trimmed with black lace
  63. Matching thong that said 'goffik gurl' on the butt
  64. Sexy fishnets that hooked onto the thong
  65. Black fishnet top
  66. Black MCR T-shirt
  67. Black leather mini with black lace
  68. 'Congress' shoes
  69. Black plaid miniskirt
  70. Hot pink fishnets
  71. Sexy black MCR corset
  72. Black stiletto boots with pent pentagrams on them
  73. 'Blake Satanist sins' for earrings

Prep Hell OutfitEdit

  1. Bright pink polo with a seagull on the right or left, that can multiply
  2. Denim miniskirt with a 'destroyed' look on it
  3. Leggins with a little moose at the bottom
  4. Pretty bag with an eagle on it that said 'live your life'
  5. Aerie bra from American Eagle


  1. Black lipstick
  2. White foundation
  3. Black eyeliner
  4. Red eyeshadow
  5. Black nail polish
  6. Red nail polish + 'satanist sings' (to prove she's not a Maru Sue)
  7. Blood-red lipstick
  8. Black lip gloss
  9. Black eyeshadow
  10. Red crosses (to go on black nail polish)