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This article mentions several sensitive topics, including sexuality and self-harm.

"Im good at too many things! WHY CAN'T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT'S A F*CKING CURSE!"

Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way (aka Enoby) is the villainous main protagonist and Mary Sue of My Immortal. Arguably the worst female character in fanfiction history (or literature in general), she is a seventeen-year-old "goffik" vampire witch who attends Hogwarts in England. She is the occasional girlfriend of Draco Malfoy and Vampire Potter, also one of the few characters in the story not based on a canon Harry Potter character.

Role in the story

Ebony's story starts with her being asked out on a date to a Good Charlotte concert by Draco Malfoy. After the concert, Draco stops his car in the Forbidden Forest, followed with them "doin it" for the first time. Despite being caught and yelled at by Albert Dumblydore, she and Draco become an official couple.

The following day she meets Harry "Vampire" Potter, who she instantly has the hots for. But since she loves Draco, she does not act upon those feelings. In fact, when Draco is revealed to have a tattoo with Vampire's name on it, she accuses him of cheating on her and flees to the Forbidden Forest to cry her heart out.

Voldemort then appears and inexplicably forces Ebony to kill Vampire Potter, telling her that if she refuses, he will kill Draco. Voldemort then gives Ebony a gun. This is very out of character for Voldemort, as he is usually directly trying to kill Vampire/Harry Potter, and not once is he pictured to be doing so with a gun. This does give her a lot of angst, as she loves both Draco and Vampire and can not possibly choose between them. After this confrontations, Voldemort appears to her multiple times in order to intimidate her in killing Vampire, but never follows up on said threat.

Another subplot tells of her vendetta against Snap and Loopin, two of Vlodemort's most prominent Death Deelers. Both try to force her into killing Harry by blackmailing her with a video taking a bath. If she refuses, they will spread the video throughout the school. Ebony has multiple encounters with the duo, but always comes out on top, due to some weird contrivance.

When Voldemort appeared one time too many, Ebony received a vision in which Draco died. Proffesor Sinister explained the vision meant she must travel back in time to the eighties. Here, she must seduce Voldemort's younger self, Tom Satan Bombodil, so that he wouldn't turn to evil.

Following many misadventures in the past, which involve meeting Morty McFli, being shot by James Potter and dating Tom Satan Bombodil, Ebony accidentally brought Tom Satan Bombodil into the modern day with Morty McFli's blak tim machine. Here Tom changes into his future self Voldemort and teams up with Snap and Loopin to kill her and Vampire. At the end of that battle, she casts Abra Kedavra, the result of this encounter left undetermined, as this is where the fic ends.

Alternate "troll" ending

In the ending written by An-Anon-Author-Who-Will-Silently-Not-Reveal-Her-Identity-Because-She's-A-Coward, Ebony's fate is slightly different.

After Ebony was shot by James in chapter 38, she inexplicably reappeared in the future. She dies a dramatic death, but her death actually released Tara's grip on the Harry Potter universe. This made everyone come to their senses reverting to their canon selves. As a result, Harry and Voldemort start to fight each other, resulting in a big skirmish between good and evil.

Meanwhile, Ebony is trapped in a personal hell in which she is forced to wear preppy clothes forever. If she removes said clothes, they merely reappear on her body.


Tara Gilesbie wants us to think Ebony Way looks just like Amy Lee.

Ebony is described as having long ebony black hair with purple streaks and red tips that reaches her mid-back, pale skin, and icy blue eyes "like limpid tears" (although they change to crimson in Chapter Twenty-Two, probably due to colored contacts). She often wears traditionally inappropriate clothing to school: fishnets, corsets, and combat boots. Ebony is normally depicted wearing red and black makeup. She claims not to need foundation due to being naturally palid, but later describes having applied white foundation to her face.


Ebony, when she in a relatively good mood, is loud and cheerful. She often shouts and screams, even in public places[1] or medical areas,[2] where such disruptive behavior would be frowned upon. When she met with Satan, she is shown to be excitable and bubbly, and she is usually described as happy when she goes to concerts.

Ebony is rather loud and aggressive towards everyone, including her teachers and close friends.[3] She is dismissive, even towards people who care about her.[4] She uses a lot of profanity, even towards authority, although she admits to forgetting that Proffesor Sinister is a teacher after she swears at her.[5] Ebony is rather bold, as she storms into a lesson to yell at Vampire Potter about her relationship issues without mentioning any fear of consequence. Despite her brash attitude, Ebony has been also shown to be somewhat cowardly at heart, as she will often beg for mercy when confronted by a more powerful villain.[6]

Ebony is rather promiscuous, as shown by the fact that she has been involved with both Vampire Potter and Satan while in a sexual relationship with Draco. She is also flirtatious, sometimes without even meaning to be, and she wears a variety of revealing clothes in her day-to-day life. However, she insists that she isn't a slut.[7]

Health and psychology

Ebony is shown to have depression and self-harm issues. She often feels unhappy, even when good things happen, and is often irritable and tearful. She frequently self-harms and drinks her own blood. Ebony has contemplated suicide on multiple occasions, even taking out a steak and coming close to sticking it in her heart.[8] She is often described as doing things in a "depressed" or "suicidal" way.

Ebony's overall attitude and behaviour towards people who aren't goffs is aggressive and downright antisocial to the point that one soon starts to suspect she is suffering from a severe mental instability. Her personality lapses from friendly and moody indicate she may possibly suffer from mood swings. She seems to also be suffering from some sort of respiratory ailment; possibly asthma, since she gasps, (or gosps or grasps) approximately once every three seconds or when a remotely (or not even) surprising event occurs.


Ebony is among the most powerful characters in My Immortal, if not, the most powerful of them all.

Her spellcasting abilities are second to none, as evident how easily she took down Vlodemort with a well aimed Crookshanks curse. In the original series, Voldemort was always presented as an insurmountable wall, who even Dumbledore had difficulty dealing with. Since she is able to deal with Voldemort that easily, it can be assumed she is much better at magic than even Dumbledore. As Dumbledore explicitly begged her to save everyone, her being more powerful than the headmaster does seem plausible. Her magic ability does seem to be hampered by her own confidence, or lack thereof to be exactly. Despite being able to easily defeat the Dork Lord, she always plays the role of the victim in every confrontation, resulting in Voldemprt bullying her around, despite being much weaker than she is.

Another one of her abilities is clairvoyance. She regularly has visions on relevant things that are happening somewhere else, as shown when she saw visions of the Mystery of Magic appearing at Hogwarts and the Black Guy shooting Serious and Lucian. This ability also veers into actual divination at some points, as she also had a vision which foretold of her mission to seduce Tom Satan Bombodil in the past.

Ebony also possesses the ability to send "Telepathetic" messages to other people. This power seems to involve sending messages directly into people's minds aka telepathy. However, since it is Ebony, it is understandable these messages are kind of pathetic; telepathetic to be precise. According to her, this ability stems from her being a vampire.

Ebony is also known for her singing ability, as she is the lead singer of her own band, while also singing in Tom Satan Bombodil's band.


Throughout the fanfic, Ebony is revealed to own or gained several interesting items. These include

  • A large wardrobe of goffik clothes. See Ebony's Gothic Wardrobe for more information
  • A gun: Voldemort gave this weapon to her during their first confrontation, in order to kill Harry "Vampire" Potter with it. Instead, she primarily uses it on Snap and Loopin
  • Morty McFli's blak tim machine: This machine used to belong to Morty McFli, but he generously (and inexplicably) gave it to Ebony when she was stuck in the past.



Draco Malfoy

In Chapter One, Ebony immediately becomes infatuated with Draco Malfoy after he calls out her name (in an AN, Tara claims they knew each other before, and he is acting out of character due to his feelings for her). When her friend Willow asks her if she likes him, she replies "No I so fucking don't!", but later greets Draco flirtatiously when she next sees him. After they attend a Good Charlotte concert together in Hogsmeade, they have what one can only assume to be intercourse in the Forbidden Foresst.

They engage in spontaneous sexual encounters, most ending off with tensity. Seeing Draco having tastelessly described intercourse with Snap prompts her to slit her wrists with a steak to kill herself (although this is disputed in the reviews, as some biologists claim it is impossible to slit one's wrists with a slab of cow meat).

Vampire Potter

Ebony has also engaged in somewhat of an emotional affair with Vampire Potter, the ex-boyfriend of both Draco and Britney. Vampire and Ebony make out at a concert, "screw" each other in a classroom, French kiss each other underneath the "invisibility coke". Vampire later catches Draco and Ebony engaging in sexual activity. He and Draco once fought over who gets to 'sh*t next to her' (whether this is a pun, a genuine typo or a strange fetish of Tara's has been debated).


Later, when Proffessor Sinister sends Ebony back in time to the eighties, Ebony goes on a date with Satan Bombodil, the past form of Voldemort. They have sex in a "blak" movie theatre and then go to a Marilyn Manson concert to perform as "XBlakXTearX". Her plan is to redirect his evil by seducing him, but later drops this when she meets his ex-boyfriend Hedwig, a "sexy gothic bi guy."

Slytherin House members

Ebony has several female friends in Slytherin house. These include B'loody Mary Smith, Willow, and Darkness Weasly. She is also friends with the half-Japanese, half-vampire Proffesor Trevolry. Although Ebony claims bisexuality she doesn't seem to have any sexual attraction at all to women in the story, although mentions Hogwarts being full of "hot gurls" and describes Willow as having a "nice body with big bobs and everyfing". The only female Ebony is attracted to appears to be herself, a phenomenon referred to as autosexuality.

She also gets along with a lot of the male Slytherin students. These include Crabbe and Goyle, Diabolo Weasley, and Dracula. She isn't shown to flirt with them, despite her promiscuous nature.

Tom Rid

She later forms a friendship with the gothic shopkeeper Tom Rid, who is not related to Voldemort, despite his similarity in name to Tom Riddle from the canonical story arc. He gives her free clothes because "she looks hot in them", and offers to do her makeup if she wants because he is really into fashion - it was stated that his bisexuality being the reason for this. However, when he says he might see her at the concert, she calls him a "sick perv" because she's going out with Draco. Later, he goes to the school and gives her some more clothes for her mission in the past, and she hugs him 'in a gothic way'.



Ebony has an antagonistic relationship with Britney, a Griffindoor "Prep". She gives her rude gestures many times, always describes her as a 'fucking prep', calls her clothes slutty (despite Ebony's own wardrobe consisting of attire she describes to be provocative), and near the end of the story uses the "Crucious" curse to torture her. Britney, aside from somehow freeing Snap, Loopin and Hargrid from Azerbaijan, does not interact with her.

Professor Snap

Ebony hates Snap after he and Loopin film her denuded, calling them both preps, and happily tortures and humiliates them given the opportunity.


Ebony hates Loopin after he and Snap film her denuded, calling them both preps, and happily tortures and humiliates them given the opportunity.


Hargrid's relationship with Ebony is inconsistent. He is first mentioned as a member of her band Bloody Gothic Rose 666 (alongside her, B'loody Mary, Diabolo, Draco and Vampire), and comes to her aid when she's being video taped by Snap, seeming to oppose them, and also proclaims his love for Ebony. Yet after this, he's accused of being pedophile and Ebony has him sent away to Azerbaijan and later Ebony claims he had been mean to her before for being gothic, and calls him a poser prep. Later, he's seen trying to poison her drink (blood mixed with beer) with "Amnesia Portion", and Ebony calls him a "fucking poser". The unusual change in Hargrid throughout the story is justified by the lack of any cohesiveness between story arcs in general. Tara states she meant for Hargrid to be Sedric, but does not go into detail on why Hargrid was supposed to be Sedric, as the name "Hargrid" bears a more similar relationship with the canon character "Hagrid".


Snaketail, "he fat guy who killed Cedric", also falls in love with Ebony and asks her to have sex with him. Unlike the other's infatuation, this sudden confession comes after she shoots him to defend Draco's life. Her response is to swear and stab him in the heart, letting him run around while bleeding to death and screaming. He is specifically labeled as a teenager by Tara so he wouldn't be a pedophile. This course of events is ultimately meaningless, as he is murdered in his only scene.


Ebony is shown to dislike Hogwarts Principal Dumblydore, despite the fact that he rescues her more than once. This relationship may be mutual, as Dumblydore repeatedly and cruelly rejects Enoby and her friends after they come to give him urgent news. Even when he tries to be goff, he is derided as a "poser".

Voldemort (current)

Ebony seems to be afraid of Voldemort, despite having overpowered him in his first appearance.[9] She continually begs him for mercy when he demands she kills Vampire. At the very end of the story, she attacks him with "Avada Kedavra", but the result of this attempt is undetermined.

Statements and controversy

Ebony constantly says she is a vampire and that she can only be killed by a cross or a steak through the heart. Ebony also has a long soliloquy stating how she would never touch a cross. However, Ebony negates that claim in Chapter 6. She says, "I put on two pairs of skull earrings, and two crosses in my ears." She further refutes her own claim Chapter 19 when she says, "I was wearing a blak leather low cut top with chains all over it, a blak leather mini, black high held boots and a cross belly fing."

Whether she misspelled "fing" as ring or thing, she was still wearing a cross, which by definition, should have killed her.

Ebony also claims that she hates the color pink, although this is apparently contradicted in Chapter Two when she states that "My coffin was black ebony and inside it was hot pink velvet with black lace on the ends."

Most of her clothing is black and leather, with fishnets, and she has a penchant for corsets, or at least 'corset stuff'. Lace appears on a lot of her clothes as well. Her makeup usually consists of red/black eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick.

She loves My Chemical Romance, frequently gushing over how sexy Gerard Way is, and moshes to their songs often. Good Charlotte are another of her favorite bands, and she loves Evanescence too, judging by her comparing herself to Amy Lee repeatedly. She tends to like horror movies like The Ring, The Grudge, Saw, and Shark Attack 3, and considers Tim Burton-esque movies to be particularly gothic (The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride).

Like Draco, Ebony is stated to be bisexual.[10] She fetishizes bisexual men and condemns "homophones"[11][12][13][14] but she is often homophobic, accusing Draco of having "AIDs" upon learning of his prior relationship with Vampire.[15]


  • "Bastard!"
  • "U no who MCR r!"
  • "B'loody Mary, are u a PREP?!"
  • "Bye bitch!"
  • "I said I see a black gothic skull and a pentagram"



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