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Fred and Gorge are two mysterious characters who appear in My Immortal.

Little is known about Fred and Gorge due to the fact that they each only appear once in chapter 44, where they run into the great hall presumably for dramatic effect.

It is presumed that Crab and Goyle are mistaken by Tara to be Fred and George Weasly. Like Proffesor Sinister/Trevolry, Hargrid/Sedric and all the various misspellings and misnamings, this isn't too surprising, but not any less confusing.


Fred is almost certainly Fred Weasly, as that is the only character who appeared in the original series named Fred. If this is the case then he's likely a goff because his father was a vampire who slit his wrists with a razor and before then he'd raped them and stuff (assmuning this canon shredded character is the child of Mr. Weasley).


Gorge is an incredibly mysterious character. Little is known about who he is or where he is doing besides the fact that he's mentioned along with Fred. However, there is an interesting theory as to who Gorge really is. Who was Fred always hanging out with in the original series? That's right, it's Lee Jordan. And earlier in the story Serious Blak and Lucian Malfoy were shot by a black guy who is never named or seen again (supposedly), however as Lee Jordan was one of the few black characters in the original series, he may well have been the black guy in question and renamed to "Gorge" because Tara has never hesitated to improve the names of canon characters.

Or it could just be a simple misspelling of George Weasly.


  • Gorge is also notable for being the last character to be introduced in My Immortal, although if he was in fact Lee Jordan AKA Black Guy then he was introduced in chapter 25 and Fred is the last character to be introduced.
  • Fred, along with Dobby, is one of two characters whose names never deviate from canon