Good Charlotte, also known as GC, Good Charlote and Good Chraloote, is a goffik band. It is Ebony's favourite band, besides MCR. Ebony and Draco's first date is at a Good Charlotte concert held in Hogsmeade; there, they purchase GC T-shirts and have their photographs taken with the Madden brothers.

When Enoby first meets Tom Satan Bombodil (Voldemort) in the eighties, he tells her he is a huge GC fan. B'loody Mary is also a GC fan, and at one point suggests listening to the band while wrist-cutting as a recreational activity.

Ebony's band, Bloody Gothic Rose 666, is described as sounding like a cross between MCR, Slipknot, and Good Charlotte.

Ebony owns a GC watch and T-shirt. Draco and Vampire each own a GC T-shirt. Also, Ebony owns two pair of Joel-themed boots. One pair simply has Joel's name all over them in red letters, another pair has pictures of his face.

Song ReferencesEdit

After Dumblydore catches the two "having sexual intercourse in the Forbidden Forest", Draco sings "I Just Wanna Live" to Ebony. In the 1980's, Satan tells Ebony he likes GC, because apparently this song sounded 'really 80's', which proves that Tara has no real knowledge of 80's music.

In Advanced Biology class, Ebony turns a guitar into Draco Malfoy. The guitar-Draco then sings "Da Chronicles of Life and Death" to her.

In Chapter 16, Ebony accuses Draco of being a Christina. He then sings, "Da world is black" to her while on his knees.

In Chapter 42, in a bracketed Author's Note, Tara asks the readers if they have heard the GC song "da river." Ironically, this song was inspired by the band taking up Christianity.

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