Hargrid's Bouquet is a magical bouquet of roses belonging to Hogwarts student Hargrid. The item appears only once in Chapter Twelve.

Appearance and effects[edit | edit source]

The bouquet, at first glance, appeared to be an ordinary bundle of pink roses. However, Hargrid had apparently modified the flowers to give them a special magical property. Upon the recital of the phrase "“Petulus merengo mi kremicli romacio imo noto okayo' (a chant made from modified My Chemical Romance lyrics) the bouquet erupts into a ball of black flame, and ascends into the air. Observing the characters' dialogue hints the bouquet may have other inherent magical abilities, such as remote viewing capabilities.

Role in the story[edit | edit source]

The bouquet makes its sole appearance in Chapter 12, as Hargrid offers it to Ebony as a sign of goodwill. Initially, Enoby furiously rejects it, in part due to the flowers' hue. However, as Hargrid's displays the bouquet's special powers, he gains her trust. As Ebony asks about Draco's location, the two stare into the flame. Dumblydore approaches, and, somehow knowing of the bouquet's abilities, advises Ebony that for her to see what is in the flames, she must first "find herself". This advice inexplicably enrages Hargrid, who calls the principal both a mean old man and a liar, before storming angrily out of the room.

Despite the great storytelling potential for the bouquet due to it's mystical, unelaborated powers, it is immediately forgotten by the author, and is never mentioned again.

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