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Hogsmeade, also called Hogsmede, is a wizarding town. It was called Hogsment, or Hogsemade, in 1980, and was not renamed until the year 2007. In the Harry Potter novels, Hogsmeade is mentioned by name in the very first book, meaning that it had been Hogsmeade since 1991, at the least, and at no point is a name change even mentioned.

The town is located somewhere near Hogwarts in England, as the students can easily drive or fly a broom to the town.


Hogsment in 1980[]

Even in 1980, Hogsment still hosted several goffik concerts (including "Gren Day" and "Marylin Mason", despite neither act actually existing at that point in time). Ebony attended the latter concert with Tom Satan Bombodil. In Hogsment, there was also a goffik clothing shop called Hot Ishoo (which was renamed Hot Topic in 2010). There was also a "blak" movie theatre in Hogsment that played goffik movies such as da Excercist. During that time, Ebony's band XBlakXTearX also played in Hogsment as the opening act for Marilyn Manson.

Role in the story[]

In the present day, several bands play concerts in Hogsmeade. These include Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson, and My Chemical Romance. Hogsmeade is also home to Tom Rid's goffik clothing store.

Hogsmead was also the town where Ebony had her first date with Draco Malfoy. More notable is the fact Voldemort made two appearances in the village. In both appearances, he hijacked a My Chemical Romance concert, by disguising himself and Da Death Deelers as the members of said band. The second time even resulted in a battle between Voldemort and a gothic Albert Dumblydore.

Differences from the original[]

In the original Harry Potter series, Hogsmeade, like Hogwarts, is located in Scotland, rather than England. The village is famous to be the only pure wizarding village in the entire United Kingdom, completely hidden from the Muggle world. In My Immortal, Hogsmeade seems to be widely accessible by Muggles, as multiple Muggle bands give concerts there.

In canon, Hogwarts students are only allowed to visit the village on select weekends as decided by the staff of Hogwarts. In My Immortal, visits to this village aren't regulated at all, so students can visit the place whenever they please.

Another inconsistency in My Immortal is that Hogsmeade was named Hogsment in the 80s, only to be renamed to Hogsmeade in the 2000s. This is, obviously, not the case in Harry Potter, where it was named Hogsmeade from its foundation.