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Filth, rendering the cloak useless.

An "Invincibility Coke", also known as the "invisibility cloke" is an item that belonged to Vampire and to Ebony. It is described as being black and large enough to fit at least three people underneath it.

Role in the Story[]

Ebony and Vampire use one to avoid detection by Mr. Norris in Chapter 21, although Filth is still able to find them whilst concealed under it. In Chapter 29, Ebony uses her own cloak so that she, Vampire and Draco can sneak out of Lucian and Sirius' party.

There is no indication that the cloak provides its user with invincibility, or that the cloak itself is invincible.

Differences from the Original[]

It appears to be based off of the Invisibility Cloak of canon, although the two differ: whilst the invisibility cloak makes the wearer invisible, the Invincibility Coke remains visible at all times. Despite this, it does seem to retain some sort of concealing effect, as even when he could see the coke itself, Mr. Norris was unable to detect Vampire and TaEbory under it without assistance from Filth. This could be an effect similar to the Confundus Charm.