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"Justin ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2!"
―Excerpt from the very first author's note of My Immortal

Justin is the boyfriend of Tara Gilesbie. Very little is known about him, and it is very possible that he is not even real. Tara references him sometimes in her author's notes, and threatens the flamers of her story with involvement from him. He is also listed on her ffnet profile in her likes, although at one point it was hacked to say he was her ex boyfriend and thus in her dislikes, and she had a new boyfriend. These changes were removed in 2009.

It can be assumed that Justin, like Tara and Raven, is a goth who shops at Hot Topic and shares Tara's tastes in music. Given Tara's apparent fetish for "sensitve bi guyz," it is possible that this is an accurate description of Justin's personality and sexual preferences. In the author's note of Chapter 25, Tara warns people to stop flaming her story, lest she "tel Justin 2 bet u up!1111" She also threatens to "tel al da nredz 2 put vrtuz in ur computer!11111111111", the only time she references nerds, seemingly being allied with them against preps and posers. Unlike Raven, Justin does not have a character in My Immortal based on him, nor does he appear to have an internet presence.

Azer on the left hand side of this picture was assumed to be Justin, but it was revealed that they are not Justin and neither of the girls are Tara or Raven