While not appearing in My Immortal proper, Luna Lovegood is the primary antagonist of Ghost of You and a minor antagonist in I'm Not Okay, henceforth rendering her a character in the My Immortal mythos.

Role[edit | edit source]

poser prep

Maya (formerly Hermione) is listening to goth music, prompting Luna - up to that point giggling with her prep friends - to ask the ever iconic: 

"Oh my like god, what are you, like, listening to?"

This infuriates Maya, who gives her the middle finger, greatly shocking Luna. Then she disappears from the story, presumably having better things to do.

In I'm Not Okay, she's still a prep but is friends with Hermione, who has also been rendered as a prep (a stark contrast from her gothic transformations as either B'loody Mary Smith or Maya). They're easily scared off by the gothic clique that Eternity has just met.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She looks "exactly like Hillary Duff".

Difference from the Original[edit | edit source]

In the books, Luna is basically the polar opposite of a prep, being highly unconventional and shunned even by other Ravenclaws due to her weird beliefs and habits.

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