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Marilyn Manson was a band liked by the goffs and the main character, Ebony.

Role in the story[]

In My Immortal, this band was mainly popular from the mid to late 1980's and played with XBlakXTearX at a concert in Hogsmeade.

Marilyn Manson also seems heavily into merchandizing. Ebony owns a band towel and a door key; Willow owns a band T-shirt; and in the 80's, The Norse's office has a picture of him on the wall.

Differences from the original[]

In real life, Marilyn Manson's singing career began a decade later. The song he is seen singing in My Immortal is '1996' from his second studio album, 'Antichrist Superstar'. Except the actual lyrics are "Anti people now you've gone too far, here's your Antichrist Superstar", not "Jeus Krist Superstar".