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Morty Mcfli is a random Goffik time traveller Ebony encountered in the eightes.


Upon his appearance, Morty was "wering a blak bnad tshrit and blak bagy jeans", implying that he is goffik.

Role in the story[]

In Chapter Thirty Five, when Ebony was roaming the school grounds wondering how to get forward in time, Morty jumped in front of her and told her he will help her to get "frowad in tim". Then he took out his blak tim machine and generously gave it to her. After giving away his tim machine, Morty Mcfli disappeared from the story.

Difference from the original[]

Morty is apparently based on Marty McFly from the Back to the Future trilogy. This is evident by the similarity of his name, his affiliation to a "tim machine" and the fact he appears in the 80's. He makes too short of an appearance to really spot any difference, but the fact he is dressed in black suggests he has gone Goffik like the rest of the good guys.


  • It is ambiguous whether "Morty" is merely a misspelling of "Marty", or a reference to mort, which means "death" in French. Given that most of the goffs present in the fic had changed their names to something more "gottik", it is conceivable Marty changed his too upon becoming a goff. However given that Tara considers her knowledge of Japanese impressive, it is unlikely she knows any french beyond bonjour.
  • Strangely, Morty appears to inexplicably know who Enoby is despite never having met here and when exactly does she wonder "how [she] kud go forward in time".
  • In the author's note of chapter 35 Tara thanks "Suzi" "4 da idea". Its possible that Morty's presence in the fic was a suggestion.

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Morty, pictured with his iPod tim machine