Mr. Weasley (albeit he is referred to as the dad of Diabolo, Darkness, Crab and Goyle) is a minor character in My Immortal, mentioned in Chapter 22. He is loosely based on Arthur Weasley, although he bears little similarity to the character.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mr. Weasley was a vampire and the father of Diabolo, Darkness, Crab and Goyle - however, it is not known why the last two children have different last names. He committed suicide "by slitting his wrists with a razor" after raping his children, which is why they had later become depressed and converted to "stanism".[1]

It is interesting to point out that it was suicide and rape that lead his children to be gottik and stanist, not his vampirism. This may imply that Mr. Weasly tried to hide his condition for a while. However, this is My Immortal, where everything is made up and the plot doesn't matter, so it is best not to think any deeper than Tara did.

Difference from the Original[edit | edit source]

Diabolo, Darkness, Crab and Goyle's dad bears little similarity to the canon Arthur Weasley, save from being Ron and Ginny's father. In the Harry Potter series, he certainly wasn't a depressed vampire and at no point did he commit suicide. He also appears to be a father of four, whereas canonically he had seven children, none of whom were Crab and Goyle.

In what appears to be the worst ravaging of canon, Arthur Weasley, who can be described as a kind and caring parent with a goofy and eccentric personality, would have never abused his children in such a horrific way.

References[edit | edit source]

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