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My Immortal was a 2018 3-part feature-length adaptation of the fan-fiction created by the Internet Historian. It was sent for nomination at the Sundance Festival, but was rejected.


The story has been abridged with easily half of the story removed, from bits of prose to whole plot points. Curses and slurs have been censored in increasingly silly ways as the story progresses. Abbreviations are typically read out in full. The headers and the 666 are completely omitted. Raw reactions from SorrowTV and The Historian are heard throughout the rest of the series. SorrowTV reads his parts in first person. All music has been replaced with generic stock music.

Part 1Edit

Internet Historian introduces the fanfic and guest voice actor SorrowTV.

Chapter OneEdit

All of Tara's authors notes and descriptions are omitted

Chapter ThreeEdit

The note regarding Good Chralotte has been omitted, and the lyrics in the chapter as well.

Chapter TenEdit

Description of the band members and instruments are omitted.

Chapter TwelveEdit

The repeated dialogue has been cut.

Chapter FourteenEdit

Snaketail's line in this version is ".".

Chapter FifteenEdit

Several paragraphs of jerking off her favorite bands have been removed.

Part 2Edit

Censorship is now the demonetized symbol and cash register sounds.

Chapter SixteenEdit

A rare omission of an authors note. The story breaking shift from the concert to shopping to fake japnes and killing and necro and Tom Rid and his store.... have been removed.

Chapter SeventeenEdit

Authors note and Tom Rid continue to be omitted. Willows redemption and Diabolo's backstory are also removed. Story picks up at the second reveal of Voldemort and da Death Deelers.

Chapter Nineteen. im nut ok i promiseEdit

The entire chapter was cut.

Chapter TwentyEdit

Story elements related to chapter nineteen have been cut.

Chapter Twenty OneEdit

Ebobys vision was cut.

Chapter Twenty TwoEdit

People talking about Egogpys vision was cut. The extremely long description of her friends wasn't cut, just a lot of fast forwarding. One of Brittney's few scenes were cut. Several of Rumbridges lines were cut.

Chapter Twenty Three, part 1Edit

"Chapter twenty three. Authors note...(struggles) uhh...

(laughs) That sums up this whole thing the best!
―Historian and SorrowTV

Part of the authors note has been cut. Brumbridge and Cornelia Fuck's exit dialogue is cut. Crab and Goyle are cut again. You fucking bustard was cut. Taebory calling Vloxemort Darth Valer was cut.

Part 3Edit

Chapter Twenty Three pt. 2Edit

Ebonys vision has been cut.

Chapter Twenty FourEdit

Proffesor Sinisters background has been cut and some sentences are re-arranged. SorrowTV reads Sinister's lines in an exaggerated anime-like accent. Prep bullying has been cut.

Chapter Twenty FiveEdit

Drago asking Enobby about the vision was cut. SorrowTV and The Historian begin noisily eating chips.

Chapter Twenty SevenEdit

Tara's party is cut. The dethz tuch sin is omitted. The blak room pre-"sex" is cut.

Chapter Twenty EightEdit

Authors note omitted. SorrowTV beings laughing and reacting like Snoop Dogg every time Snoop is mentioned. The honkerchief was cut.

Chapter ThirtyEdit

Authors note omitted. Snape doesnt loaf meanly. A whole paragraph of Draco looking at people sexily was cut.

Chapter Thirty OneEdit

Everything after Snapes capture is cut.

Chapter Thirty TwoEdit

Yep, all the time travel.

Chapter Thirty ThreeEdit

Sadly it means "I screemed passively as he got an eructation." was cut as well.

Chapter Thirty NineEdit

The hacker was planned and voice recorded by Chris Raygun but was cut because it felt like The Historian was making it up.

Chapter Forty OneEdit

We will never get to see Hedwig touching glocks.

Chapter Forty ThreeEdit

Things don't pick up again until the end of this chapter. Think about it. Almost 13 chapters cut and the plot is merged almost seamlessly.

Chapter Forty FourEdit

Voldemonts reveal is cut down so he shows himself immediately. The origin of da picter is cut.

The film ends with SorrowTV gaping about how the story has a non-ending. The credits roll. The Historian talks a little on Tara and the need to do a video on her. He reveals his need to do a similar video on Sonic High School and Jeff the Killer. The Historian talks a little on cut content.

―The Internet Historian

Differences between the Novel and the FilmEdit

  • B'loody Mary Smith is depicted literally as a bottle of V8 Bloody Mary mix. Her mom is a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup and her father is a bottle of Absolut 100 Vodka.
  • Draco Malfoy switches between pictures of Draco, Tom Felton and a T-pose
  • Vampire Potter switches between pictures of Harry Potter and video game depictions
  • Hargrid switches between pictures of Hagrid and PS1 Hagrig

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • When Ebony screams at Draco that he has AIDS, the black afro man from Pool's Closed could be seen, referencing the Internet Historian's video on the subject.
  • Voldemort's dude-ur-so-retarded look is depicted as Frederik Knudsen from Down The Rabbit Hole.
  • Snaketail's torture implement is Tyler Oakley's book.
  • Snape does an incapacitation dance from Fortnite.


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