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The My Immortal Wiki is the collaborative website dedicated to the greatest teen angst-obsessed canon-shredding character annihilator of a fanfiction ever written, Tara Gilesbie's magnum opus, My Immortal. Originally written and posted to from 2006 to 2007, My Immortal is the epic tale of Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, a 17-year-old vampire attending a mangled version of Hogwarts, which is in England. While it is ostensibly a Harry Potter fanfiction, My Immortal bears strikingly little resemblance to the Harry Potter universe created by J. K. Rowling.

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Tara Gilesbie is the legendary author of My Immortal, although the first fifteen chapters were edited by Raven. Tara began writing My Immortal in March 2006. She updated the story on a regular basis, but there were often large gaps between updates as she claimed that the flames of the reviewers caused her to "slit muh rists" and she had to go to the hospital for recovery. There were other moments when she went on extended vacations or was just too "bizzy". She posted the final four chapters on July 5, 2007 before going on a trip to England, never to return to writing My Immortal.

A self-proclaimed "goffik" teenager and fangirl of bands like My Chemical Romance and Good Charlotte, Tara is a comically exaggerated stereotype of the emo subculture and writes accordingly. My Immortal is littered with references to a variety of mid-2000s pop culture, including any and all films and media she somewhat puzzlingly considers "goffik". Her writing takes some of the more primary characters from the Harry Potter series and turns them into almost always bisexual vampire-goths who constantly wear black, worship Satan, are depressed, suicidal, and are transferred into Slytherin. She also goes to great lengths to describing her characters' clothes for several paragraphs. With Raven, Tara released a very short second fic in May 2006 titled Ghost of You. (read more...)

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