My Immortal in The Sims 3 is a machinima film posted on YouTube in 2009. It divides the storyline of My Immortal into five parts:

The narration, which is taken from various dramatic readings, is abridged in some place.


Some scenes are cut entirely, including:

  • Draco singing "I Just Wanna Live" to Ebony in her dorm after the GC concert.
  • The duplicate versions of Vampire's vision and Voldemort's appearance at the MCR concert are cut, so the scenes only happen once.
  • Draco taking Ebony to the top of a tree in his flying car. The dialogue and Ebony's vision still occur, but they instead take place just outside the Deviation classroom.
  • The celebration after Serious and Lucian are saved.
  • Ebony watching Snap and Loopin be tortured by Serious. The scene afterwards, in which Serious mentiones they were tortured, remains.
  • Satan meeting Ebony's friends in the Slytherin common room after coming to the present.
  • Ebony torturing Britney on her way down to the Great Hall.
  • Ebony, Draco, Vampire, and Satan's orgy in the Great Hall before Snap's arrival.


Other changes:

  • The characters wear the same clothes for most of the story, so the majority of the clothing descriptions are cut.
  • Snap and Loopin spy on Ebony from another room rather than from on their broomsticks. In addition, all scenes that normally feature characters flying (or in Hargrids case, running) on broomsticks, the character in question just walks or runs in.
  • When Ebony tries to curse Voldemort at the end, she catches on fire and the story ends with the hacker chapter.
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