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Slytherin, also known as Slytherine and Slitherin, is one of the student houses at Hogwarts school in England. It bears little resemblance to Slytherin in the books, upon which it is based. In the books, Slytherin values cunning, resourcefulness, leadership, and ambition in its students, while the Slytherins in My Immortal show very little to none of these qualities.

Slytherins are all goffik Stanists, wear black, listen to emo/goth music, and wear tons of make-up; Satan implies that punks are also part of this house. Slytherins are hated by the Christian, preppy Griffindoors, such as Snap and Britney.

Notable Members[]

  • Draco Malfoy: One of the few Slytherins who is both a Slytherin in the books as well as in My Immortal.
  • Ebony: A thinly veiled self-insert.
  • Vampire Potter: Harry Potter has gone completely insane from the pressures of fame in the wizarding world, and now giggles at the thought of drinking human blood (and moans for no reason).
  • B'loody Mary Smith: She apparently belonged to Griffindoor at one time, but moved to Slytherin house after converting to Satanism. In a later Author's Note, it's stated that B'loody Mary moved houses because she is an evil vampire.
  • Dracula Longbottom : Like his girlfriend B'loody Mary, Dracula once belonged to Griffindoor house, but was moved.
  • Willow: A representation of the author's best friend.
  • Tom Satan Bombodil: Since this is the past Voldemort, this is also a character who was sorted in Slytherin in both My Immortal and the original books.
  • Lucan Malfoy: Another Slytherin who is also a Slytherin in the original books.
  • Samaro Potter: Originally James Potter. He's named after Samara from The Ring.
  • Crab and Goyle

Former Members[]

  • Snap: Was in Slytherin at one point, but later moved to Griffindoor no doubt due to his preppiness.