A steak.

A steak is a cut of meat meant to be eaten. Another important use of steak is to kill vampires, because it is one of the only two things that can kill a vampire, the other being a C-R-O-S-S.

One would presume this to be an accidental misspelling of the word "stake", a small, pointed chunk of wood, typically used in fiction to kill traditional vampires. However, this same "error" is continually used throughout the story, and never once is the term "stake" ever introduced.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

First mentioned Chapter 10, while Ebony is justifying why Draco can not die from wrist cutting.

Chapter 11, where Ebony contemplates suicide after learning Draco has died from wrist cutting.

Chapter 40, in which Ebony attempts suicide after witnessing Draco performing sexual acts with Snap.

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