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Suicide is the act of killing oneself. Suicide is a very serious issue that is addressed in the real world with care and delicacy. Of course, My Immortal is not real-life, and is the fantasy of an insane teen-aged girl, and so care and delicacy do not exist. Instead, Tara uses suicide as a plot device, much like many other serious issues made trivial by the delusional mind of a delusional fangirl.

At one point in the story, Draco commits suicide by slashing his own wrists (even though vampires can’t die from that according to Tara) and letting himself bleed. Tara's use of suicide in this instance would almost be comical, if it were not for the fact that it entirely debases the issue behind suicide, as Draco comes back to life with no explanation whatsoever.

Many of the characters in the story are downright clinically depressed or are presumed to have a serious mental illness of some sort due to their self-harming ways, and characters can often be seen slitting their wrists. It is unknown if this is because it is a "cool" thing to do, or if they are silently trying to end their existences because their conscious movements and ways of life are being controlled by a girl who thinks "goffic" is a correctly written word.

In this way, it is possible that all characters in the story are suicidal in some way:

  • Snaketail stops in his tracks to declare his love for Enoby.
  • Volxemort rides into a school populated with "The Chosen One", multiple teachers that are well-versed (or not so much, considering Tara has no idea how to make them cast an actually useful spell) in magic, and hundreds of students in 3 different houses (Ravenclaw house apparently stopped existing somewhere between the source-material and Tara's delusions).
  • Draco runs into Snap's classroom in his birthday suit. It is unclear if this was a 'subtle' advance on Snap by Draco, or if it prompted some interest in Draco from Snap, who has attempted and succeeded in sexually assualting him on at least two occasions.
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