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Tom Rid is the owner of a goffik clothing store in Hogsmeade. He apparently is not related whatsoever to Tom Satan Bombodil (Voldemort), despite sharing Voldemort's real name from the original series.

Appearance and Personality[]

Tom Rid is described as being "OMG HOTTER THAN GERARD EXCEPT NOT CAUSE THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE" and has "black-dyed hair".

Tom Rid is "in2 fashin n stuff". Although he owns his own clothing store, he is a terrible businessman since he frequently gives Ebony free clothes for no reason other than she looks hot in them. Tom Rid is also bisexual. Or as Tara puts it, "bisezual".

Role in the Story[]

Tom's role in the story is to occasionally give free clothing to Ebony - when he first appearance, he helps Enoby and B'loody Mary, once they arrive at his store, by showing them the real goff clothes he keeps hidden from the posers and prepz. He gives Ebony some free clothes because she looks so hot in them.

When he asks her if she's going to the concert that night, she says yes, introduces herself, and he does the same - and says that he might see her there. However, Ebony points out that she's going with Draco, and calls him a 'sick perv'. The narrative implies he would have begged her to go with him, but Hargrid shows up at that point to demand Ebony returns to the school. It's mentioned that Tom would help the goths out with makeup and stuff if HE wanted because he's into fashion, due to his bisexuality.

The last time the story mentions Tom Rid is when Ebony inexplicably discovers him in Professor Sinister's office. He gives Ebony some "new cloves," including some "stilton" boots, blood red "fishnetz" and a blak corset.

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Notable Quotes[]

  • "Yah u wouldn't believe how many posers ther are in this town man! Yesterday loopin and snap tried to buy a goffic camera pouch." He shook his head. "I dint even no they had a camera."
  • "You know what I am gona give it to you free cause u look really hot in that utfit. Hey are you gonna be at the concert tonight?"
  • Oh hi fuckers he said. Lizzen, I got u sum kewl new clovez.