Harry Potter and the Mathods of Ratinality is a stoopid fic starring a very preppy version of Harry Potter doing preppy things in a very ungottik version of Hogwarts.


It was ritten in 2010 by some geezer named Eleers Udoskey from a boring place called "Less Wrong", as if! And ended in 2015. Unlike My Immortal it was never deleted, plus there is a podcast. For sum reason, it is longer than teh first four books combined! Wow, who has tim to read all of dat?

And yet dis paice of crap has more god reviows than My Immortal. WHY? WHUT IS WRONG WITH U STUPID PREPZ?!

Dere was also a Sims 3 Machinima but it stopped at Chap 40. Ha ha ha prepz.


Da storee asks teh dumb question of "What if Harry was raisd by a scintist?" Which no one asked because dats not Gottik and only preps ask dum questions. Instead of teh Durslees, Harry is raised by a scintist. When he gets his lettar, it's Mc Goggles that cums instead of Hargid.

Beyond this, it covers Harry's first year at Horgwarts. There is some other stuff too but who cares? Nobodly likes this dum fic.


A lot of characters appear in Methids of Rapinatily, but teh are all either teh same as teh buks or even more preppy.


Unlike teh far superior My Immortal, the names are all spelled write. Dis makes things very boring and preppy.

Character List

  • Harry Potter: A stupid prep raised by stupid prep parents. Unlike in da movie, one of da prep parents is some asshole who goes to Oxfart. He wants to figure out how magic works. LOL who cares? Just use teh guns! He got sorted into the Preppy house, Ravenclaw because he is a complete nad utter prep. He apparently leads an army of chaos which is kinda cool, but it's still teh preppy. Has Teh Dark Side but it's not Gottik.
  • Draco Malfoy. Sadly he is not a major fuckin hottie like he is in My Immortal. He's a little boy who's even more preppy than he is in da movie, and Harry is trying to turn him even more preppy. Leads teh Dragin army which is sort of gud but not reely.
  • Hermione Granger. She's back to her loosr preppy self and is even preppier than da movie. She is not teh vampire. She's better than harry at everything in school except teh broomstiks because she is teh mary sue. See I spelled that right! Even her army is preppy. Seriously? Sunshine army? Lol Preps!
  • Professor Quirrel: Harry's favorite teacher. He teaches defense against teh Bark Arts. Professor Squirrel Has Harry beatten up in one of teh classes. Has teh kids form armies for teh battle magics. He wuld be cool but he isn't goffick enough so he's a prep too.
  • Ron Weasley. He barely appears at all. Which is gud because he is a total prep in da movies.
  • Albus Dumbledore. The Headmaster of Hogwarts. He's an even bigger prep than he is in My Immortal.
  • Snape: Has a weird obsession with Harry's ded mom. Eww!
  • Voldemort. I think he appears, but I didn't read the fic enough to find out.
  • Hagrid. I didn't even see him in this. Is he even here?11 Ah well, he's probably a stupid preppy pedo anyway.

There are utters of course, but I'm too pissed to write about people like Blaze Zabeenie.


Its only real theme is smarts and preppyness, which no one likes. MY IMMORTAL IS TEH SUPERIOR

Writing Style

Metroids of Ridley is written in normal boring preppy stile. Not cool gotic style like My Immortal.

No But Seriously,

This fiction is actually pretty awesome, if a tad hard to follow by some people due to its advanced scientific and philosophical concepts and its long length.

Essentially, this fic is the complete and total opposite of My Immortal, in that it's actually well written and very thought provoking. This fic often pokes fun of both My Immortal and even the more absurd elements and plotholes of the canon Harry Potter. If My Immortal is the ultimate example of everything gone as wrong as possible, then Methods of Rationality is probably the best example a fic done right.

TL;DR: Definitely worth a read or a listen.


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