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This article mentions several sensitive topics, including sexuality and self-harm.

Willow is one of Ebony's several goffik friends. She is based on Tara Gilesbie's real-life friend, Raven.

Role in the story[]

In My Immortal, Willow is one of Ebony's "goffic" friends and a fellow member of Slytherin house. She apparently speaks Japanese, as she greets people with "Konnichiwa" and also once said "Kawaii", although this just may be due to Tara's inability to write. Diabolo Weasley and Willow are probably dating. Like Ebony, she dresses in black and listens to MCR and Good Charlotte.

Due to an apparent falling out between real life Raven and Tara (whom Willow and Ebony are based on respectively) she is expelled in Chapter 16 for skipping math class and failing all of her classes. B'loody Mary casually mentions that she murdered her, and says that Loopin "did it" with her corpse, as he is a "necphilak".

She comes back to life with no explanation in the next chapter as Raven and Tara reconcile. She appears regularly in the story afterwards, albeit as a background character of minimal importance, her most significant action being attacking Draco when he is discovered having sex with Snap.


Willow is described as having waist-length black hair with pink streaks and forest-green eyes.[1] She also has "really big bobs" and is "thin enouff to be anorexic".[2]


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  • Despite being a self-insert for Raven, Willow appears not to be much of a Mary Sue, probably due to her lack of appearances. Although characters comment on her attractiveness, she is once portrayed in a negative light due to Tara and Raven's falling out, and her skills and charms are not really focused on as much as Ebony. She also doesn't take up a lot of limelight when compared to Tara's insert.
  • Willow is one of the few characters in My Immortal not to be (ostensibly) based on a canon Harry Potter character.
  • In Raven's fic I'm Not Okay, there is a character called Elvira that's a shout out to Tara, much like Willow was a shout out to Raven. Around the same time Willow was (briefly) killed off, Elvira was sent back to her first year of school, revealed to be a prep with the middle name "Lindsay" (after Lindsay Lohan) and put in Gryffindor because she couldn't write properly and had to get her friends to write for her - art imitates life.